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Flowers, Ferns, & Art in all sizes!

Since there are so many different plant types and sizes so this provides flexibility in creating artwork in different sizes. The featured peony blossom is 7 inches across and most ferns or winged sumac fronds are 18-20 inches tall, both create large 16 x 20 artworks. These large flowers and ferns are challenging since they require more work space, but they are actually easier to handle. A medium size artwork like the featured Love Vine & Northern Oats on Lokta papers is 8 x 10. The slightly larger Connecticut Yankee Delphiniums are 9 x 12 (oval). A great deal of patience is needed to work on a smaller scale like the featured rose miniature (4 x 6) on needlepoint fabric since the flowers are very tiny and impossible, at times, to handle. It is my great pleasure, however, to move from one size to another and enjoy all the possibilities and difficulties in moderation!