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Interesting Backgrounds

Adding an interesting background creates a "story" to go along with the pressed flowers. It allows for a more whimsical design or for the creation of a scene like Tres Chic, Dragonfly, or Tea Time. Although it does not follow with the usual natural garden landscape that I enjoy, it frees the imagination!

The Chickadee, Goldfinch, and Bluebird artworks are a bit of mixed media since I used photographs that I took of the many "tenants" in our birdhouses and added in the pressed flowers from my garden. In the featured photos, the Goldfinch is perched on a branch of cleome flowers rather than the original pear blossoms and the Bluebird, once on a leafless twig, is now surrounded with wild heather blossoms. The Chickadee is standing in wildflowers and alyssum, which is very much like the original photo. The flowers were pressed and returned to their places in the photo.

The Hummingbird Garden is a purchased background. Although there are numerous flowers in the garden that are supposed to attract hummingbirds, we seldom see any at all!