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Bridal Pressed

A Pressed Floral Keepsake created from wedding flowers or a bridal bouquet is the perfect gift to remember this special occasion. The flowers are in the press for about three weeks so there is no need to make any design decisions right away! When the flowers are dry and ready for use, then the design process begins. From formal weddings to country weddings, a design is created that utilizes the wedding theme (colors, location, etc.) on a background that complements the flowers.

TRADITIONAL: A traditional pressed floral keepsake usually includes an invitation and the bride's flowers. However, a pressed floral keepsake can be created using just flowers or an invitation or photo that is embellished with flowers.

CONTEMPORARY: The square invitation is a more contemporary style that is simplistic and natural in design. Other images show bridal or wedding flowers used to surround a photo, create a botanical artwork, or design a collage with casual photos & mementos from that special day. The design for any keepsake is always custom-tailored and personalized to preserve wedding day memories.